A view of Rijeka from Trsat


Location: Rijeka, Croatia

I’ve wanted to bring Siu On to Croatia for a while to meet my extended family and to experience some of my European cultural background. I’ve been to Croatia many times before, however for this occasion, I felt a slightly different experience was needed before I introduced Siu On to my relatives and the part of Croatia that’s become a second home to me, Dalmatia. I decided on exploring Istria for a week since I had never been there before, it would be a new experience for us both. And so, our Istrian adventure began with a few days in Rijeka, a city not really on the tourist trail and limited with sights, though a good introduction to what was to come over the next four weeks.

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Bea in Port Lincoln National Park


Location: Sydney, New South Wales

Siu On and I have seen some questionable vanlife ethics on our trip across Australia, and we’re not just talking about travellers hanging their smalls out for everyone to see. The ability to live out of your vehicle to save money is something that was fundamental to our travels across Australia, and we recognised very early on in our journey how fortunate we were to be self sufficient, live with little and in a confined space for a long period of time, and have access to free camping. For us free camping was choice that we were grateful to have, however, more and more it’s becoming harder to do because not everyone is as considerate as we were free camping.

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The Castle Hike was something on Team PumpedUpTrike’s bucketlist. For Tim it was on his list of things to do before he left Australia, and for Siu On and I, we’d wanted to do it since we spied it from the top of Pigeon House Mountain. In this episode we get to tick that item off the list and see what New South Wale’s best bush hike was all about.

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Boats moored in The Spit in Sydney


Location: Manly, New South Wales

As if Sydney didn’t have enough iconic beaches besides the internationally renown eastern beaches of Bondi, Bronte and Coogee; there’s still more stretches of sand and surf to explore north of the Harbour. It’s no surprise that the sheer size of Sydney Harbour means there’s an abundance of beaches, bays and coves tucked away in its watery tentacles, and with it many more free and easy things to do once you’re bored with the usual tourist sights. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Sydney is a big place with lots of very iconic Australian things to see and do. So once you’re done with all those things, you should definitely jump on a ferry and head out to Manly for another coastal walk that rivals that other iconic one. 

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