Birds eye view on Sibenik Harbour


Location: Sibenik, Croatia

I’ve heard a lot of people say that Croatia isn’t the off the beaten track tourist destination they hoped it would be; that prices are sky high and the cities and islands are overrun with misbehaving tourists clogging the cobblestone streets. In some places that would be a very accurate assessment, however there are places that still exist in Croatia that will make you feel like you’re one of the lucky few who have found that untapped and untouristy destination, and I’ll let you in on one such place on the Dalmatian Coast.

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One of the big reasons that Siu On and I chose to stay put in Sydney on our drive across Australia was for the large sandstone cliffs that make up the Blue Mountains. We’ve spent many of our weekends here to climb up some of the best climbing in Australia, and in this episode we’re joined by our favourite partner in climb (poor joke, I know), Tim, on a typical weekend out climbing in the Bluey’s.

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A view of Dubrovnik's Terracotta Roofs



What does the Venetian Republic, hoards of cruise liners full of elderly passengers, and Game of Thrones all have in common? You’ll find them in Dubrovnik! If Dubrovnik were a virtue it would be patience, yes patience, to deal with the imposed rulers, the crowds, and American Game of Throne fans who have and are currently wandering about its cobblestone roads. So I won’t bore you with Dubrovnik’s esteemed history, nor use any cliche ‘pearl or the Adriatic’ references, because you’ll hear it everywhere here along with this mantra: Dubrovnik is expensive. But does it have to be? Let’s find out.

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Pula Arena in Siu's Shades


Location: Pula, Croatia

Looking at a country or a region on a map can be very deceiving in that distances and elevation can be warped by our poor perception and missed understanding of the intricacies of geographic traits, and such was the case for our trip around Istria. Siu On and I had already explored Rovinj and its surrounds, and also managed to cram in the green hill top towns of Motovun and Grosnjan; now we had the dilemma of a rare unplanned day to visit either Pula or Porec. Fortunately for us, the realisation that distances are not as far as they seem here in Istria, we decided to do them both and spend half day in Pula, and a half day in Porec, to see which of the two stole our hearts.

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