It seems like only yesterday that Siu On and I met up with our good friends, Grace and Dave, for a halfway getaway between Brisbane and Sydney. Scotts Head is on the New South Wales coast and is a beautiful coastal town close to not only the beach and sea, but also the green rainforest in Yarriabinni National Park. Watch as we explore this part of Australia, eat too much and play too much Catan!

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Sydney Harbour Sights


A few months ago Siu On and I were fortunate to host two of Siu’s friends from his hometown of Mankato in Minnesota, and as the very first visitors we’ve hosted in the four years that Siu has been living in Australia it was a very special occasion! Even though we’re both relatively new to living in Sydney, we’ve already found a little niche for ourselves here on the east coast, and took up the challenge of putting together an itinerary that took in Sydney’s most iconic sights, with our favourite haunts and hang outs thrown in the mix. A huge thank you goes out to Will and Courtney for making the long journey to hang with us and giving us their thumbs up on putting together a good itinerary. So if you’re after a different kind of Sydney tour, we’re happy to share with you the itinerary we put together for our friends.

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Siu On with his small pack in Yellowstone


Since Siu On came into my life I’ve made a conscious effort to reduce the amount of stuff I own and mindlessly spend my hard earned money on. Siu On has always been on the minimalist side of my chronic hoarder fence, and as we’d talk about trying out long term travel in the beginning of our relationship, it became clear that I had to do something about my inability to stop accumulating things before, during and after our travels. Looking back over our various travel experiences (including our six month around the world and our five months vanlife stint across Australia), I’ve noticed how far I’ve come to being content with owning less, and how those changes has impacted the way that I now live and travel. Travelling with and owning less stuff has made my own travels a richer and lighter experience, and they’re changes that anyone can apply to their own travel plans.

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Jelsa on Hvar


Location: Jelsa, Croatia

When I first visited Hvar as a young 20-something-year-old I was on a boozy sail Croatia tour that stopped in every party port on the southern Dalmatian coast. Fast forward ten years and I find myself driving a hire car onboard a ferry with my husband and two of my best friends for a climbing trip to the island. Late nights drinking sessions were swapped with early dinners, and hungover mornings switched to being on the rock at the crack of dawn. I know what you’re thinking, ‘there’s more to Hvar than partying?’ Indeed there is, in fact, the party scene in Hvar is minuscule in relation to the natural and adventure options that the island has and should be included without a hangover.

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