Jelena and Siu On are an intrepid Australian and American couple who are seeking to carve out a life of adventure. The Travelleur serves as a way for their family and friends to live vicariously through them, occasionally check in on them, and also to inspire others to go on an adventure themselves.

Jelena at the beach

Jelena Auyeung

Hailing from Perth Western Australia, Jelena is the main writer and photographer behind The Travelleur. Jelena is a firm believer that knowledge isn’t just found in books or on the internet, but also through experience. Her travels have taken her through Europe, Asia, Australia, America and New Zealand. When she’s not traveling you can find her climbing big rocks, freediving, absorbing herself in classic literature, or hanging out at the beach.

Jelena has written guest posts for the TravelettesRebel on a Rainbow and National Geographic’s Intelligent Travel blog; as well as been interviewed by BBM Live and Australian Yoga Journal.

Siu On AuyeungSiu On amongst the mountains

A native Minnesotan, Siu On is an adventure and landscape photographer. Using his mixed cultural and educational background in addition to his love of adventure, he has captured candid flair of individualism among the busy corridors of Hong Kong, the beauty of Mother Nature, and the sheer will of human spirit among the cliffs and boulders. Siu On is a passionate outdoors man and a simple living advocate whose ethos of minimalism extends to not only the way he lives, but also the way he travels.

 Auyeung Photography Portfolio

Siu On’s photography has been published in climbing magazines, and various Australian rock climbing guidebooks. His images have been licensed and produced as prints for various clients around the globe.

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