Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota August has got to be the most happening month in the northern hemisphere, with summer in full swing and holidays abounding, America makes for a great holiday destination away from the cold winters in Australia. Minnesota is usually known for two things, snow and musical genius Prince (or symbol, or the artist

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Empire State Building night skyline

Location: New York, United States of America What can I say about New York that hasn’t been said before already? This city is a complete assault on all the senses! It’s busy, loud and cosmopolitan, but it’s also a city of intense contrasts; on the same street you’ll encounter long concrete boulevards of men in

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Me sitting in the Alphabet Man Sculpture

Location: Iowa, United States of America Iowa isn’t usually on the top of most traveller’s lists of places to see and do before they die (unless you’re a die hard corn fan that is); and that’s understandable when you have the likes of New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas vying for your attention. However,

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Me at the hot springs surrounded by trees

Location: Colorado, United States of America Although my arrival in Denver didn’t match my expectations, I still held high hopes for our foray into the Rocky Mountains. Siu On’s friends had planned a weekend camping amongst the aspen trees and under the stars, and we got lucky that the cold wet weather that had plagued

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A view of the Grand Prismatic Spring at Yellowstone National Park.

Location: Wyoming, United States of America Arriving in Yellowstone was pretty surreal after the long drive west from Minnesota, and driving through the gates was pure elation! I never thought I’d visit but was glad that we managed to get ourselves over to this side of the States.


Me sitting and taking in a view of the Badlands National Park

Location: South Dakota, United States of America The car is packed, the GPS coordinates set and the dust is flying behind me as I take off on my first American cross country road trip! We’ll be driving the Prius from Minnesota all the way to Colorado and back, and stopping at some awesome American icons

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Stopping to look at the Minneapolis skyline on the Stone Arch.

Location: Minnesota, United States of America I usually try to avoid getting on a bicycle as much as I possibly can since I’m not the most nimble of riders (think lots of riding into stationary objects), so for me to say ‘I want to go on a bike ride’ means I’m either A) out of

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Me sitting and staring out at a lake.

Location: Minnesota, United States of America I have a confession to make. In all my time spent daydreaming about traveling to far flung, exotic and unique destinations, America has ranked low on my list of places to go and see. Urgh ok, ok, that’s not entirely true. I am very embarrassed to say this but,

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Me sitting on a big red tractor.

Location: Minnesota, United States of America I come from a small Australian town so I know what it’s like to grow up in a tight knit community. When I was five years old I moved away with my family to the big city, and even now it’s still one of my most saddest and traumatic

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