Sunrise at the Pinnacles

Location: Along the Western Australian coast I’m back from my last minute trip to Kalbarri and wow did it fly by! One minute I was out on the open road watching the city skyline diminish in my rear view window, and the next I’m back at work counting down until I jump on a plane

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Location: Kalbarri, Western Australia It’s pretty cold in Perth and one of the things I was looking forward to was the slightly warmer temperature in Kalbarri – 3 degrees warmer to be exact! And oh boy, did it make a difference! I busted out my shorts and popped on my brightest jumper and high tailed

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Location: Kalbarri, Western Australia The last time I holidayed in Kalbarri I was a 19 year old student who came up with a car load of my then boyfriend and his university mates. To say this trip was ill fated from the start would be a big understatement! Despite being driven crazy by the drunken

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