Me sitting on a cliff overlooking the sunrise
Location: Esperance, Western Australia

I started this blog with the intention of exercising my flaccid writing muscles, to document my six month trip around the world, and to share my experiences and expertise on traveling. And like all good intentions, they usually end up just being that, good intentions. Although I had started well and was keeping it up for the first four months, along the road it became tiresome and burdensome. Writing about your travels in real time, as you’re doing them, is a lot harder than I anticipated. Not so much for the lack of material or resources, but quite the opposite; I always had too much in my brain to get down coherently on paper (or on the laptop I should say) that after a long day of doing activities and having all your senses completely maxed out, the brain would switch onto sleep mode to conserve energy for the next full day of travel.

Don’t give me any sympathy though. I brought this on myself. Looking back over the blog I see so many things that I did poorly, that I should have and could have done better, and the real kicker is that I ended up not writing at all. This is what people don’t talk about when they travel, the tiredness, the aches, the brain meltdowns and being sick. And it’s even harder when you throw full-time blogging, part time social media managing for another company and photographing into the mix. It all becomes too much.

Now that I’m home and have had sometime to recuperate and get over the illnesses and aches, I’ve let the brain shut off for a while and allowed all my senses (and adrenaline levels) to return back to normal; I can look over my little baby and really do it right. Over the next few months I’ll be tweaking The Travelleur site by adding and removing things, as well as rewriting articles to make it better, more informative and encouraging to you.

Don’t be afraid or shy to ask me any questions about the places I’ve been, or about travel in general because I’m more than happy to answer your queries or chat with you about it over on Facebook. Also, if there are things you want to see or read more of on my site, please do tell me on my Facebook page! I want to hear from you about what you want to see and read in 2015. I have not yet started planning this year’s travel as well and I am open to your suggestions on places to see and things to do in 2015. However what I can tell you is that I want to put a spotlight on travel in Australia, and you can definitely expect more articles on traveling down under.

I’m looking forward to bringing you guys great information and amazing images to make you want to get on that plane, train, bus or boat!

Photograph by Auyeung Photography.