It feels like we were ringing in the new year only yesterday, so it always comes as a surprise at how quickly Christmas comes around! In Australia we don’t have the build up to the holidays season like they do in the northern hemisphere, where the appearance of snow in November or December a glaring white reminder that Christmas is around the corner; here it’s usually the appearance of Christmas decorations in the shops and the start of school holidays that reminds me of the approaching festive season.

Usually at this time, Siu On and I are getting ready to go on a break somewhere far from home, though this year will be different as it’ll be the first Christmas we’ll be spending at home in five years! Yes it’s been five years that Siu On and I have spent a Christmas in one of our family homes! That has been a personal choice for us to spend that time with each other to create our own traditions, though this time it’s a forced break from our Christmas travel tradition as we’re still finding our feet in our new home of Brisbane, and are restricted by finances this year. Never mind, we will spend that time exploring the sights and sounds of and around Queensland’s capital city instead.

We hope that you spend your holiday season with your loved ones, and always be safe and happy wherever you choose to spend it, and with whom you spend it with.  Happy holidays from Siu On and I and we’ll look forward to sharing more adventures and travel tips on The Travelleur in the new year!

Merry Christmas everyone,

Jelena & Siu On