Silhouettes at sunset in St Kilda
Location: Melbourne, Victoria

I’ve been to Melbourne several times before, with the last few as purely shopping trips, so and I wasn’t exactly sure what we were going to do here if we weren’t shopping. This place could keep even the worst shopaholic occupied for a week or more, and besides, Melbourne was the first city in Australia to open a Zara, H&M and a Uniqlo; however, I don’t want to talk about the shopping.

I also don’t want to talk about the awesome laneways. Each one a unique rabbit warren of graffiti covered lanes stretching through the heart of the CBD. Their multicoloured tentacles also reach deep into the suburbs where we saw some incredible works of art in Fitzroy and Carlton. But I don’t want to talk about the laneways.

And I don’t want to talk about the absurdly good cafe culture here either. No matter how you like your coffee, you’re sure to find something here to keep you buzzing for as long as you like and in the type of space that takes your fancy. You can get your latte from a little hole in the wall with no seating, or sip on your long macchiato in a huge repurposed industrial warehouse with all the latests in modern trimmings. But again, I don’t want to talk about the cafes.

So what do I want to talk about? Well, it was quite possibly the most random scenario that kind of sums up this trip to Melbourne for me.

I was sitting with Siu On and his cousin in this tiny hole in the wall cafe/small bar, located down a dingy alley way off the main strip. And the place is filled with moustachioed hipsters wearing stove pipe jeans and trendy girls wearing the latest fashion, all standing around looking like they stepped out of some retro catalogue. You’d think they be playing the latest Melbourne indie band that’s so cool no one’s even heard of, but instead, they’re playing The Thong Song. Yep, that naughty mid nineties hip hop tune that your mum would clip you around the ears for singing.

Siu On notices me bopping away and asks, ‘bringing back any memories?’

‘Yep’ I reply, ‘Reminds me of when Hip Hop and R&B were still in the foreplay stage… now they just slip it in and before you know it your pregnant’.

Ahh Melbourne. Inexplicably hip and undeniably cool, but still old school at heart.

Shine on you crazy diamond, shine on.

Photograph by Auyeung Photography.