Location: Robe, South Australia

After following the Flinders Highway through the Eyre Peninsula, Siu On and I headed south from Adelaide via the Fleurieu Peninsula to our destination along the Limestone Coast. Two years ago when we first visited South Australia, we breezed through the Fleurieu Peninsula on our way to Kangaroo Island, and although we had every intention to stay and explore the Fleurieu Peninsula this time around, we found that the offer of free accommodation in Robe swayed us to drive on to the Limestone Coast.

Sinkhole Cave in Mt Gambier

Coorong National Park

Driving along the Coorong National Park we were impressed by the beautiful route that took us along the sea and gave us an uninterrupted view to the many islands that dot the national park. By this stage we had been driving for a few hours (not including the few stops in the Fleurieu Peninsula!), and the sun was quickly setting, giving us an incredible color explosion in the sky and clouds. If we had a bit more time would have definitely stopped here for a day to explore.


Robe was once the holiday area for South Australia’s well connected and well known, with many of the residences belonging to prominent families. Today it is still a popular holiday destination with a very laid back and relaxed vibe. Even in the winter time there were many people vacationing here with still a lot to see and do in the town. I recommend visiting the Information Centre for brochures on the many trails (driving and walking) in the area, we took the easy walk from the Obelisk to the new marina along the coast and had great views out to sea and to the town.

Robe Doorway Rock

As for main sights you can’t go past the famous red and white Obelisk (especially at sunset), Doorway Rock with it’s arch created by the constant crashing of the waves on the limestone, and the Beacon Hill Lookout tower with it’s views over the town. There is also a lively main street with numerous boutique stores, cafes and restaurants. We also found that finding WIFI wasn’t a problem as most of the cafes have it for your use. If you’re after beaches, Robe has many lining it including West Beach, Town Beach, Hoopers Beach and Long Beach, which is also one that you can drive on.

Kingston S.E

On our way into Robe we passed through Kingston S.E and although we did revisit the town we didn’t find too much for us to do other than to fill up on cheaper petrol and to get a photo with Larry the giant Lobster (I just had to!).

Larry the Lobster

Mount Gambier

At only an hour and a half away from Robe, we chose to day trip it into Mount Gambier and found that there was enough to keep you busy for a day. I would definitely recommend a walk around the town itself as it has a lot of old and well kept period buildings, viewing the Blue Lake from any of the lookouts around it, and also visiting the Umpherston Sinkhole. Only a short drive out of town, the Umpherston Sinkhole is free to the public and has a beautifully kept Victorian garden at the base of it. A good lunch stop in town is the Whistling Cat, where we enjoyed a hearty burger and chips here, and also visited the Cave Garden in the centre of town (however, not as beautiful as the Umpherston Sinkhole). Although most visitors to the region stay in Mount Gambier as it’s close to the Victoria border, we found that we enjoyed the quieter and more laid back feel of Robe and were glad we stayed in Robe instead.

Umpherston Sinkhole

A week in the Limestone Coast meant we were able to wait out the rainy days for the better weather, even though I felt you could do it in less time, it was nice to slow down our pace of travel. I would definitely love to return here in the summertime, and take advantage of the beautiful beaches and go fishing, but even in the winter we found it was just as enjoyable.

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Larry the giant Lobster photograph by Auyeung Photography, all others by Jelena Stipanicev.